• Big Sean – 10 2 10
  • VICE – The Creators Project

    Video promotes The Creators Project. TCP = VICE + INTEL teaming up to produce creative content that integrates technology in innovative ways.  This is a global project, stepping into multiple cultures by throwing interactive art events around the world.  This video is a marketing video to attract attention to the project by using social media.

    Direction, Story Boards, Design, Character Animation, Motion Design, Sound Effects

    This is not the final edit. Click the link below to find the finished product.
    Check out The Creators Project

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  • Chance The Rapper – Social Experiment
  • Adidas X illroots – Record Release Party

    Collaborated with illroots on doing some installations for an Adidas sponsored party. I gathered all the resources and executed within 12 hours. The paint drips were done last min by an assistant not under my super vision at the time. Not into paint drips. I’ve seen very few paint drips […]

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  • Animated Blueprints

    Some 3D cartography work I did for a future farm. The design and animation was made to serve as a website’s navigation menu. PS, I only drink almond milk.
    design, rigging, CG camera work, animation
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  • sine qua non – about video

    Sine Qua Non hired HYSTK (Have You Seen These Kids?) to complete a series of promotional videos for their Chicago hair salons. This informative commercial lives on the about page of their SQN’s website.  It’s becoming more common that clients ask us to make an about video — it’s becoming standard to have a video accompany the text on the about page of a company website. Check out 5 other videos we made for Sine Qua Non!

    Motion Design / Co Writer / Producer / Co Director / Production Assistant / Assistant Editor / Color Correction / Sound Design
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  • Hocus Pocus Logo Design
  • western union – mobile solutions

    Info graphic animation made to promote a Western Union eBilling app. The video explains to potential users how they can use the app to help mange their business’s finances. I was involved on this project from the very beginning design phase to animation. Me and a fellow artist – Nem Perez teamed up on this project.

    motion designer
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  • First Ward Fundraiser Poster

    First Ward Fundraiser Poster

    Did some charity work with the kid’s education in mind. Made this poster for a punk rock fundraiser event which raises funds for the 1st Ward First Organization. 25% of all proceeds will go to benefit 826 Chicago and The Boring Store in order to support Chicago’s 1st Ward Schools.

    I took multiple photos of the Double Door with my iPhone, and slopped them all together. Craft was not a main issue, considering the theme of the event. Come support, Friday July 12th.

    Collage, Design
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  • Marketing Convention Edit

    Marketing Convention Edit from Æ • Anthony Esquivel on Vimeo. edit, motion design, character animation 

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  • Mac Miller – Gees

    Produced by illroots. (ft. ScHoolboy Q) (prod. Chuck Inglish)

    spfx, color altering, rotoscoping
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  • Loop


    Been trying to get away from the computer when I’m not working. Made a few primitive rough animations to contrast the work I have been doing professionally. Created my own vintage filter by letting dust gather on the acetate, scratching the surface up a bit, and leaving the tape exposed.

    Paint marker on acetate

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  • Logo-Motion Reel

    An archive of animated logos I made for companies and local artists.

    Design, Animation, Sound Design
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  • Heart Of The City
  • allstate – bedtime stories (2)

    During my time freelancing at Imagination Publishing I had the pleasure of making animations for the kids. I worked on a series of fairytales for Allstate Insurance. Each animation is a remix of a traditional fairytale being brought up to the convenience of modern technology. In each case there is an emergency, and an Allstate Agent is called to the rescue.

    Scripted animation actions + sound effects / Photoshopped illustrations / Character Animation / Compositing / Sound Design
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  • “Smoke Again” – Chance The Rapper, feat. Ab – Soul

    I was given a completed edit, and was told to lay some special effects down. The video was being released to raise hype for Chance’s new album titled Acid Rap. So I got a bit experimental – played with some smoke effects outside of the borders, added some popping textures, some echo trials, and of course kaleidoscopes. I also got weird with some animated face distortions and some cartoon eyes over Chance.

    Special effects
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  • Travel Show (2009)

    I created this intro for a Travel Show involving skateboarders going to latin countries to skate and explore the culture.

    For this project I actually went on Google maps and looked for my favorite terrains throughout the world and took a series of about 100 screenshots. Then tiled them in After Effects. The clouds were drawn in via Wacom tablet in Photoshop.

    Concept/ Design/ Animation

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  • Logo Treatment – Treat Yourself

    Logo Treatment – Treat Yourself

    There were two main goals on this project – first, establish an economical solution for all the clients printing needs, and tap into the past. I really wanted to give this project a hands on aged appearance. So application was a big concern of mine. I cut manila tags to a dimension that could be used as business cards or clothing tags. two in one – saving money and time. I got crafty when I remembered that in 3rd grade I aged paper with tea. For this manila paper I used strong coffee. I got my own hemp twine to tie on the tags, and ordered a stamp, adding to it’s aged personality. The stamp also allows the client to implement the design on multiple applications.

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  • Red Bull Sound Select

    Was hired by Red Bull to create a music video for their Sound Select campaign.

    Æ – projections, spfx, color correction, dit.

    Director – Brain Killer

    Band – Gemini Club

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  • productive workforce

    This animation was created for Aspect, as a visual explanation of how their software management system works. Above is an excerpt taken from a much larger piece of the project I created. I worked on this project with a group of two other motion designers.

    Motion Design
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  • Separation From Nature
  • SQN Salon – Location & Apprenticing Videos (5)

    Sine Qua Non Salons hired HYSTK to create vignette’s of each of their salon locations. We simultaneously documented their apprenticing, and continuing studies programs.

    Motion Design / Co Writer / Producer / Co Director / Production Assistant / Assistant Editor / Color Correction / Sound Design

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  • Faceless

Anthony Esquivel

Hello, I'm a Freelance Motion Designer.
I move design & characters.

I have had the pleasure to work with leading agencies, and with local artists and businesses. My passion for motion design has guided my interests to involve my self in multiple practices. I led an artist collective, which allowed me to gain knowledge in Pre Production (concept, and planning) – to Production (directing, on set post supervisor, and production assistant) – to Post Production (editing, color correction, spfx, titles) I am constantly seeking opportunities in efforts of providing a service, as well as excelling my crafts / capabilities within motion design (direction, design, animation, video).

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